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Our Services


Business Law

legal advice in all areas of business law, from small to large companies.
Incorporation o
f companies, elaboration and negotiation of all kinds of contracts, trusts, corporate governance, corporate compliance, establishment of branches, , cross-border operations and more.


Immigration Law

Guidance in migration processes for individuals and companies.
Visa, residence and citizenship procedures in international contexts.


Real estate law

Advice on real estate transactions, acquisitions and leases.
Dispute resolution.

Contracts and Agreements.

Real Estate Due Diligence.


Entertainment Law

Legal representation for artists, producers and entertainment companies.
License agreements, copyright and protection 
of content.

Electronic Law and New Technologies

Legal advice on issues of electronic commerce and emerging technologies.
Data protection, privacy and regulatory compliance.


Intellectual property

Legal protection of trademarks and copyrights.
Defense against violations and strategic exploitation.


Financial Valuation

Precise evaluation of the economic value of assets and companies.
Advice on financial strategies based on valuations.


Real Estate Valuation

Determination of the value of real estate properties.
Detailed reports for sales, mortgages, and investment decisions.


Valuation of Intangibles Assets.

Evaluation of intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, and copyrights.
Support in the management and monetization of intangibles.



Business Valuation

Comprehensive valuation of companies for mergers, acquisitions, or internal valuation.
Analysis of financial, operational, and market factors.


Intermediation and International Arbitration

Facilitation of international negotiations and transactions.

Resolution of disputes through arbitration, avoiding costly litigation.

Notary Services in Mexico

  • Authentication and certification of legal documents.

  • Ratification of document signatures and legalization.

  • Recording of documents.

  • Apostilles

  • Certified Translations

  • Certifications of legal and material facts, and interpellations.

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